Pumpkin and corn soup…a wintery comfort

Winter calls for enjoying your evening snack time to the fullest. Delicious savories and soups are in the most wanted menu. Who doesn’t enjoy a hot and delicious bowl of soup in a chilling winter evening or night? Also, in some cultures around the world, soups are a must have before dinner, as an appetizer….

Pumpkin Barfi: Janmashtami special

ย Shri Krishna Janmashtami—The birth celebration of Lord Shri Krishna deserves a sweet treat as he loves feasting on sweets. Different kinds of sweets including laddoos, barfis, halwa & kheer, malai (cream), makhan (butter) and dahi (yoghurt) are offered to our beloved Bala Gopala ( Little Krishna). We commemorated his birth festivity by offering him this…