FOODS are Foodie’s dreams, foodie’s delight, a fun world full of foooo…dyy fantasies!!

Hi Everyone!

We, AG & SG, diehard foodie siblings welcome you all here before we embark on our journey with you to this wonderful, delicious and thrilling world of  FOOD!

The sensation, which food stimulates with the amalgamation of sight, aroma and taste with a little bit of sound and touch added to it sometimes, creates a blast inside and tickles our taste buds, having the potential to touch all our five senses. 

 We hope that none in this world remain deprived of the pleasures of this enchanting world and hope everyone is able to contribute and take it to a whole new level as food is one of the vital things that life is meant for.

This site is all about the thrills and frills of Indian food more specifically and its’ close and remote associations with the cuisines around the world. We intend to explore the vast diversity of Indian food and how it has developed over the years into what it is now. Also, it would be interesting to know where it stands now and where it is heading towards at the onslaught of global cuisines.

So,  we hope this journey with you will be an exciting one where at each step, we will need your inputs, opinion and participation to keep it alive and make it even better.

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