Jackfruit Seeds Carnival

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Hi Friends !!
Welcome you all to the Jackfruit seed carnival with a few of my recipes with this wonderful ingredient that I had enjoyed this season and want you as well to join the celebration of wonders of this heavenly gift of nature.
Jackfruit fruit is known to be the largest tree-borne fruit, which is native to the Western Ghats in India. However, it is available almost around the country and even in other parts of the world. This jumbo sized fruit, is not relished by a large section of people when ripe due to its strong odour, which is just intolerable to bear. However, for the people who simply hate this fruit, its seeds become an indespensable element of every dish during its season, be it curries, snacks, sweets or anything they love to make out of them. These seeds are oval in shape, light-brown coloured with a smooth texture outside and white & crisp inside and has a subtle sweetish taste. These highly palatable seeds are simply a mini parcel of many vital nutrients and therefore is a healthy superfood.
As summers have come to an end and so are these seeds, still if you can manage to fetch some, then definitely try out the dishes that I am going to post and do add your invaluable views and comments.
Let us have some fun with these seedyyy…… delights!

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  1. Megala says:

    Looking forward to jackfruit seeds carnival!


    1. Thank you!…keep visiting…

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