Vermicelli laddoo for Ganpati Bappa

“Ganesh Chaturthi” marks the beginning of autumn festivities in India. Hope Lord Ganesha brings with him a new beginning, ending all the sufferings & misery prevailing in this world due to the ongoing pandemic. With Lord ganesha, the Vignaharta or the destroyer of hindrance to be on our side, nothing can literally dampen our spirits to soak ourselves in the joys of the festival. May this auspicious day bless the world to come out of these gloomy times of 21st century soon and everything just falls in place as usual.

Though this year we are celebrating every festival in a never before way but with the same spirit and feelings of adoration & devotion as manifested in our hearts.

Sweets, especially the laddoos are considered as one of the favourites of our adorable Bappa and so are the laddoos inevitably a part of the Ganesh Puja celebrations. We usually offer him with a variety of laddoos like the motichoor laddoo, khoya laddoo, wheat flour or gram flour laddoos as bhog and which are believed to please our lord of health, wealth & fortune.

On the auspicious occassion of this Ganesh Chaturthi, my aunt prepared these vemicelli khoya laddoos for a change from the usual laddoos as prepared during this festival. Hope Ganeshji loves this and blesses us bountifully. The recipe is given below ๐Ÿ‘‡ for you, if you want to have a look :


Ingredients :

Vermicelli / Sewai (fried) – 100 gm

Khoya/Mawa – 1/2 cup

Sugar – 4-5 tsp

Rose water – 1 tsp

Almonds (chopped) – A few


1) Melt sugar in a pan over a low flame.

2) Add khoya, mix and stir over a low flame.

3) Keep stirring the mixture until the sugar blends completely with the khoya and the mixture starts leaving the sides of your pan.

4) Add the fried sewai, some chopped almonds and mix.

5) Stir to mix well, so that both sewai & khoya blends with each other. Add rose water & mix.

6) Bring down from the flame and start making your laddoos or balls as soon as possible, by taking small portions of the mixture at a time.

7) Garnish with chopped almonds to give that final touch to your laddoos.

8) Keep them as it is for some time to let it bind properly.

9) Your laddoos are now ready to be served.


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  1. These sound amazing!

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    1. Means a lot!…thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Megala says:

    Love these gorgeous laddoos & the stunning shots as well.

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    1. Thank you so much for such lovely comments.

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