Celebration with Aam Kheer

downloadJai Shri Krishna !!ย  imagesLord Shri Krishna’s birth celebrations went off this year silently with no dahi handis, no bhajan kirtans, no elaborate distribution of prasad among the devotees. We are left with no choice but to celebrate them in the confines of our home, gathering all the gaiety and joy. I guess this was the quietest Janmashtami we have ever spent. But sometimes, quietness and simplicity are all that we need to gather ourselves and move through in this chaotic world.

Though Janmashami is already over, I am sharing this simple recipe of Aam Kheer for our beloved Bal Gopal who is believed to be very fond of milk, butter, curd etc. Aam kheer is the simplest ever dessert with mangoes that only require two prime ingredients, milk & mangoes and will consume only few minutes of your time for its preparation. You can even skip the sugar if your mangoes are sweet enough to please your tongue. However if you are able to bear little more sugar, you can also use canned condensed milk instead of milk that will save even more of your time, otherwise spent in reducing your milk and also save your dessert from the risk of curdling. I found this dessert perfect for the occasion in the current circumstances with minimal ingredients making use of the reminiscent mangoes of this season and with an outcome to thrill your heart.

You can enjoy this simple aam kheer with anything like plain parantha, puri, bread, puffed rice(muri) or by simply sitting in a corner and relishing spoon by spoon, slowly immersing yourself into its divine flavour.


Here is the recipe as given below, if you really want to make it : ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘‡

Recipe :

Ingredients –
1. Milk – 200 to 250 ml
2. Mango (pulp) – 1 mango
3. Sugar – 2 tsp or based on your taste & the sweetness of the mango.
(Note : Choose good quality, sweet & aromatic variety of mangoes for this recipe as even slightly tangy mango may cause curdling of your kheer)
4. Cashews & Raisins – few
5. Pistachio ( for garnishing ) – few

Preparation –
1) Boil the milk in a pan over a low flame by stirring in continuously so that no layer of cream is formed over it.
2) Reduce it to near about half its volume.
3) Add sugar, cashew, raisins and stir to melt the sugar completely.
4) Switch off the flame, bring it down and let it cool for sometime.
5) Add the mango pulp and mix.
(Note : Do not add mango pulp when the milk is hot, otherwise the milk may get curdled.
6) Now, cook the mixture just for a minute or so but do not bring it to boil over a low flame by stirring in constantly and switch off the flame.
( Note : This is the most crucial step in making of aam kheer, as little longer time of cooking over the flame may curdle your kheer. So, be careful and do not overcook. )
7) Bring down from flame, cover and let it cool down completely.
8) Garnish with pieces of cashew and pistachio.
9) Serve your dessert either chilled or as it is.


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  1. Premananda Nath says:

    Jai Shri Krishna !! Lord Shri Krishna’s birth special was nice. Expecting more new dishes…….Thanks

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    1. Thank you so much that you found it nice. More dishes going to follow…Keep visiting our blog..๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks so much !! ๐Ÿ™‚

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