Tricolor Frozen Delight

Foodiestreasure wishes you all a very very happy 75th Indian independence day. We are back after a long time and that too on this occasion, as the spirit of our independence is so overwhelming that we indians go out of our way to celebrate its splendour, setting aside all our agonies. As the temperature is still on rise these days here, I chose to prepare this frozen tricolour dessert especially to celebrate the spirit of the three colours of our national flag, which are symbolic of our independence i.e. the saffron, the white & the green. Fortunately, mangoes are still there to make our task easier which adds that extra yum to our dessert without putting much effort. This frozen delight has three very simple components, when combined takes you for a wonderful gastronomic experience.

The green layer is of basil (Tulsi leaves) ground with green coloured tutty frutty to make a smooth paste. It will create a feeling of fun with some health. You may also use pistachio for the green colour.
The white layer is nothing but hung curd (shrikhand), sweetened with sugar and mildly flavoured with rose water, which will soothe you inside out.
Finally, the top layer is of fresh, sweet mango pulp that is definitely going to immerse you into its flavour.
Overall the dessert brings you a feeling of a light, soft, soothing and chilled mouthfill creating a blend of everything, all at the same time leaving you thrilled and elated longing for more.
This is going to be the simplest assorted summer delight for this independence day. The only thing that needs to be taken care of for preparing this dessert is that while layering, each layer has to be chilled for sometime to set it properly before pouring the next layer over it. Also, not to forget to hang the curd the night before. So, give this a try and have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Delicious and a beautiful presentation!


    1. Glad you liked it !! โ˜บ


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