Jackfruit Seeds Carnival : Jackfruit Seeds Sandwich


Sandwiches are a simple, tasty yet healthy option for a busy morning or for a light mid time break, quickly made to satisfy your hunger, filled with a layer of just anything on earth which seems delicious to you in between two slices of bread. Mashed spicy Jack fruit seeds is a wonderful component that will make your sandwiches simply yummy with a tinge of mustard sauce and goes well with just a cup of  hot tea or coffee. I have tried this once and just loved it. Finely mashed a few boiled jackfruit seeds, mixed them well with a scoop of cheese spread and seasoned with little chaat masala, black salt & finely chopped green chillies to make a smooth paste, filled in between two slices of bread spread with little amount of butter or cheese and toasted either in a sandwich toaster or in a tawa, glazed with little amount of oil. Your crispy sandwiches are ready to gorge on. 


Just take a Bite !!



Jackfruit Seeds Carnival: Jackfruit Seeds jamun https://foodiestreasure.com/2018/10/13/jackruit-seeds-carnival-jackfruit-seeds-jamun/




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