Stuffed Flat beans fritters

DSC_0045Flat beans are commonly visible vegetables available in the market in winter. Usually, they are at their best in the beginning of the season i.e. in the prime of winter when they are fresh, thin and tender. However you can enjoy them during the entire season with different preparations based on the texture of the flat beans, as during the end of the season the skin becomes thicker and the seeds inside grow and mature. So, at this stage the best way to have them according to me is by having them fried in the form of fritters with stuffed fillings which we call as “puur” in Bengali, though my other favourite preparations when they are young and tender are, having them stir fried seasoned with spices, or having fish curry or maccher jhol with them or to have them sautรฉed with mustard or poppy seed paste. Puurs are always a relishing meal accompaniment in most of the Bengali households from maacher (fish) puur to vegetable puurs, there are an array of Puurs that can be enjoyed simply with hot piping plain rice & are perfect during winter as we all love to munch on something hot and crispy during the season. The stuffed fritters of flat beans are quite simple and easy to prepare and is a kind of instant food which is best to be had with freshly steamed rice with a drizzle of ghee and a green chilly, where you can tear up your fritter and mix the stuffing inside with your rice to have it and take bite of the remaining fritters along with your morsel of rice. So it will be a kind of quick and instant meal if you want, with no other accompaniment required and I bet you’ll feel awesome๐Ÿ˜Š. The stuffing is usually of boiled mashed potatoes, mustard paste which is a must and chopped coriander leaves & green chillies. However you can stuff anything inside according to your taste like dry fish or small river prawns and enjoy your crispy stuffed fritters. If you want the recipe, just jot down as below &  give it a try :



Ingredients :
1) Flat beans  : 6 whole

2) Mustard paste : 1 teaspoonful

3) Potato (boiled & mashed) : 2 (small)

4) Green chillies (chopped) : 2-3

5) Coriander leaves (finely chopped) : 1 tbsp

6) Oil ( for deep frying) : Half cup (appxly.)

For Batter :
7) Refined flour (Maida) or Besan (Gram flour powder) or a mix of Maida & rice flour –  2tbs

8) Turmeric powder – a pinch

9) Salt – a pinch or two.

10) Water – 1/2 cup for 1 tbsp flour

Preparation :
1) Wash the flat beans, cut the corners to remove the veins, steam them slightly & keep aside.

 2) In a bowl, take the mashed potato, mustard paste, green chillies & coriander leaves and salt to taste, & mix them nicely to make a mixture. Your filling is now ready to fill in.

3) Slit the steamed flat bean in one side to insert the filling inside. ( Follow the slideshow below for the steps)

4) Take little amount of the mixture and fill it inside the bean gently using your fingers. Don’t fill too much or your beans may tear up & keep them aside carefully in a tray or dish.

5) For making the batter, take the flour in a bowl and add turmeric powder, salt & the desired amount of water to make a batter of moderately thick consistency.

6) Heat oil in a wok.

7) Take the stuffed bean, coat the bean nicely with the batter and drop in the oil.

8) Fry it over a low or moderate flame by flipping on both sides till it turns golden brown in colour.

9) Your hot crispy bean fritters are ready to be served. Pair it with a bowl of hot piping freshly steamed rice & you are going to feel awesome, I swear.๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ™‚

Slideshow above showing the steps for preparation of stuffed flat bean fritters.


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  1. This sounds wonderful! Thank you for your recipe.


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